The Omental program® can be followed by anyone wanting to lose weight and wanting to keep the benefit of this effort in the long term. This program is based on a university clinical study.
It significantly improves cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose from the third week, reducing the overall cardiovascular risk . The Omental program® is based on a global approach: Control nutritional food intake, education, coaching, sport, completed by weekly meeting with a nutrition expert.

This active and educational program includes :

  • Food balance and assessment of physical condition at your arrival and throughout your stay
  • Dietary tailored menus
  • Progressive physical activity supervised by a coach
  • Sport : alternatively cardio training, aerobics, fitness, hiking in the park Volcanoes
  • Nutrition education led by a professional including dietetic conference by a doctor
  • Individual appointment with the dietetician
  • Spa treatment at Châtel-Guyon in option

Submission of a report at the end of your stay.

2 possible stays:
-    20 days / 20 nights
-    10 days / 9 nights

For any further information, please contact us at 04 73 86 00 11.



Hôtel Spa Thermalia - 20 avenue Baraduc - 63140 Châtel-Guyon